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Time Distance Calculation



All About the Excel Distance Calculator

Fast and Efficient Tool

Are you looking for an efficient method to (re)calculate the distances and travel times between thousands of zipcodes, postal codes or addresses? The Excel Distance Calculator works with Excel and Google Maps API and calculates your distances and travel times in no time at all.

Google Maps API Verification

The distance calculator works on the basis of a google maps API. You obtain this API by creating a free account at Google Cloud Platform. With this API you can perform 40.000 calculations per month without costs.

100% match with Google Maps

After you have entered your zipcodes or addresses the tool makes an API connection with the Google Maps route planner. Google Maps calculates the driving times and travel distances and places the results into the Distance Calculator.

Distance Calculation Service
Distance Calculation Anywhere
Distance Calculation
Distance Calculator

No matter where you live. The Excel Distance Calculator works anywhere in the world. Place your zipcodes or addresses in the Excel sheet, press the button and Google Maps takes care of the rest.
You can choose between different options such as driving, cycling or walking. You can also choose from a direct distance calculation or a freeflow calculation (without taking traffic jams and congestion on the road into account)

Specifications Excel Distance Calculator
  • Flexible distance calculation. Calculate distances and travel times between thousands postcodes or addresses

  • Excel application works anywhere in the world

  • Distance and traveltime calculation at the touch of a button

  • Choice of driving, cycling or walking and of KM or MILES

  • Realtime distance calculation

  • Create your own personal Google Maps Directions API key

  • Up to 40,000 free calculations per month

  • One-off purchase cost for 1 license. Now only $ 195.00

Who We Are

Time Distance Calculation

TimeDistanceCalculation.com is a spin-off from the Dutch website KilometerAfstanden.nl. Both websites belong to the network of mobility office Waalstad Internet , situated in the Netherlands. Kilometerafstanden.nl is specialised in the development of applications and services in the field of distance calculations. The website calculates distances for commuters and offers applications for traffic, transport and mobility.

TimeDistanceCalculation.com has recently taken over a number of products and services from Kilometerafstanden.nl and presents these tools now also in the US, the UK and other English speaking countries. In the near future we will expand and optimise our products furthermore.

If you have any questions about what we can do for you or your company?
Please send us an e-mail. We will be happy to help you.

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