AA Route Planner

The AA Route Planner stands for Automobile Association Route Planner.  This navigation tool is widely used in the UK and Ireland. Search and find the fastest way to your destination! And in case of emergency use their roadside assistance services.

Since the start in 1905 the AA is widely known in the UK. Nowadays this automobile organisation has a very popular breakdown service. And the assurance branch sells the most common carinsurance in the UK and Ireland. TheAA.com has sister organisations in the US (AAA), Germany (ADAC) and the Netherlands (ANWB), among others. Like Michelin, it also has a hotel and restaurant rating point system.
The AA Route Planner uses Google Maps to suggest driving directions, and uses TomTom for real-time traffic information to provide comprehensive route planning. You can set up the AA Route Planner to receive real-time notifications about delays, traffic jams and roadworks.

Traffic information AA route planner UK real time

AA Route Planner UK

Compared to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, England has the most developed and well-maintained motorway network. From the London ring road, several toll-free motorways (M) fan out to all corners of the country. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland there are few motorways. Note: Please note that motorways (A-roads) are often used for tractors and cyclists. The AA breakdown cover offers roadside assistance to motorists in all these regions.

The country also has a dense network of dual carriageways and dual carriageways of more than regional importance. The road network is thinnest in the Highlands of Scotland, the Islands and in the mountainous country of Wales. In the countryside there are many narrow back roads where the view is obstructed by stone walls or high hedges. On these roads there are often passing places every few kilometres.

What does AA breakdown cover?

The AA primarily provide their members with roadside assistance services. These services, which include towing, lockouts, winching, tyre changes, car first aid, battery changes and others, are handled by local private towing companies contracted by the AA. The AA also sells roadside assistance for a variety of motor vehicles, including motorbikes. In some areas, AA also offers roadside assistance for bicycles. The AA has a fleet division that serves large metropolitan areas, while private towing companies cover excess call.

History of the AA

The AA (The Automobile Association) is a British automobile association founded in 1905, which currently offers car insurance, driving lessons, breakdown assistance, loans, motoring advice, road maps and other services.
The Automobile Association was formed to support motorists when they were fined for speeding, reckless driving, citations and the possibility of imprisonment for other traffic offences.
The AA was the first to place thousands of roadside warning signs for motorists. Only later was this handed over to local councils.

AA route planner, hotels and car repair checks

Round 1910 the organisation started the AA route planner and shortly afterwards began inspecting hotels and restaurants along the routes. Members could also avail of repair checks before buying a car and after an accident.

More popular route planners

Sometimes it is personal preference which route planner you choose. There is no real all-round route planner, they all have their own characteristics. One route planner may be simpler and another may offer more data. Yet another route planner focuses on directions or map display. AA is one of the oldest traffic organisations and has very well known services. In addition, RAC route plannerAPPLE route plannerBING maps route plannerWAZE and TomTom also offer good and professional road maps.