AAA TripTik Travel Planner

The AAA Triptik Travel Planner is a roadtrip planner of the American Automobile Association. Triptik offers ready-to-use maps in the US and CANADA. This route planner and maps are available for free on

The American Automobile Association was founded in 1902 and is placed in Orlando, Florida. This automotive organization provides millions of motorists with roadside assistance and also sells car insurances.
Want to see what your travel options are in the US states or Canadian provinces? The classic TripTik map shows motorists the best routes based on traffic, construction and stops along the way (such as food, gas stations, attractions, etc.).
While you can also use Google Maps or another app for directions, AAA offers a version that provides constantly updated information on specific travel restrictions.

AAA TripTik Travel Planner
AAA Triptrik Travel planner

How do I create a AAA TripTik map?

To create a TripTik, go to the AAA Triptik routeplanner. After identifying your location and region, AAA will show you the map. Enter your departure location and destination and any stops along the way. Triptik can also provide detailed directions to each destination in the.
When you are done with the AAA trip planner you can print it with or without the route information. You can also email the map as a PDF or post the URL link on Facebook or Twitter.

As far back as over 100 years ago and well before the days of GPS and cell phones, TripTrik from the American Automobile Association (AAA) was one of the few options for planning and navigating your trip. Many maps TripTrik offers today are for members and accessible only through the TripTik app. But some fine routes with TripTik features are available for free on the AAA website.

More popular route planners in the USA and CANADA

Sometimes it is personal preference which route planner you choose. There is no real all-round route planner, they all have their own characteristics. One route planner may be simpler and another may offer more data. Yet another route planner focuses on directions or map display. WAZE is not one of the oldest but has a good reputation. In addition, Google MapsAPPLE route plannerBING maps route planner, TomTom route planner and AA Route planner UK offer good and professional road maps.

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