Bing Maps route planner

Bing Maps route planner – Microsoft’s Google Maps rival – has lately undergone a facelift that makes it more enjoyable for routeplanning and navigating. The direction and place search has improved, and the ability to add points of interest or rest stops along the route is now very good. The routeplanning from A to B locations is accurate and live traffic is now clearly colour-coded on the screen.

Bing Maps was, together with Google Maps, one of the first route planning and navigation programs to be released at the same time. Bing Maps route planner has caught up lately and has now a lot of cool features, and it’s great for route planning and navigation for a lot of individuals.

bing maps route planner

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Bing Maps starts using TomTom maps

Microsoft is starting to integrate TomTom maps into the Bing Maps Platform. Until recently Bing Maps used a copyright icon from Here. For the base map data of this Bing Maps Platform, Microsoft will now use maps from TomTom. This will be released in phases for users from March 2020.
The phased integration of TomTom maps into the Bing Maps Platform started in the summer of 2020. The users who use this have been seeing this change since then.
The integration of the TomTom map data is a result of the extensive cooperation between Microsoft and TomTom. The expansion of this cooperation was announced at the beginning of 2019. The base map data from TomTom and its routeplanning software is used all over the world, with the exception of China, Japan and South Korea.

More routeplanning apps

Sometimes it is personal preference which route planner you choose. There is no real all-round route planner, they all have their own characteristics. One route planner may be simpler and another may offer more data. Yet another route planner focuses on directions or map display. BING Maps is not one of the oldest but is well known. In addition, APPLE route planner, Google Maps route plannerWAZE and TomTom also offer good and professional routeplanning and road maps.

Network of mobility and transport

Bing Maps route is part of a network of mobility and transport websites and is part of the Dutch website Goal of the websites is to inform travellers about distances and travel times in commuting. In addition, the tools on the website provide distance calculations between places and/or locations.