What is data security

Data security, data protection or data safety aims to protect your data from loss due to technical failure, human error or crime. Technical failures can occur through problems with data storage, data transmission or necessary power supply. Human error can occur when authorised or unauthorised employees in your organisation have access to data and modify or delete it unintentionally. Much attention has been paid in recent years to criminality, with the Internet being the access point to your data. The increasing dependence of companies on computer systems and data increases their value. As a result, theft or hostage-taking of your data by criminal organisations is becoming increasingly lucrative.

Data security solutions

Timedistancecalculation.com offers the Excel Distance Calculator as a product. This Excel file runs after the download in your own secure business environment. This way your data always remains in-house and in safe hands.
Your data can be protected against theft or loss by securing your computers and network. There are various software solutions designed for this purpose. This software detects spyware, facilitates encryption and firewalls. Some industries require a higher degree of data security than others. What is important in any case is that the software that helps you with this is constantly kept up-to-date.