Delivery terms and conditions

In these terms and conditions the following terms are used in the following sense. part of Waalstad Internet, the user of these conditions, with its registered office in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Other party: the natural or legal person, acting at least in the exercise of a profession or trade, who has entered into or wishes to enter into an agreement with
Contract/Subscription Distance Calculator: any contract concluded between the Other Party and, including an annual subscription, whether free of charge or not, to request routes.
Products: all goods to be delivered to the Other Party under an Agreement, including distances and routes delivered electronically to the Other Party.

2.1 transfers the rights to use the distance calculator to the other party in full.
2.2 The other party is not free to transfer the rights it receives from this agreement to external, third parties without further consultation or consent from

5.1 If at any time during the term of the subscription further action is required for the proper functioning of the distance calculator, the other party may call upon

6.1 The Other Party hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees that the use of the Distance Calculator within its organisation is at its own risk and that the full risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, security, accuracy and effort rests with the Other Party.
6.2 does not warrant that the functions of the application are error-free or will remain error-free in the future, that they meet the requirements of the contracting party or that the application will operate permanently without errors. The Distance Calculator application uses API links with the following providers Google Maps. and the aforementioned applications depend on the proper functioning of the servers of these third-party providers. is not responsible for the continuity of the services used by these parties.
6.3 does not offer free maintenance of the distance calculator.
6.4 accepts no liability for any damage related to the distance calculator or the malfunction of the application.

7.1 All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the website, including the software, design and operation, are owned by The other party is prohibited from using this material for any purpose other than the normal use of the website and the services offered by
7.2 Nothing mentioned in these Terms and Conditions and/or on the Website is intended to transfer or license any intellectual property rights. The right to use the Website and the products offered by is limited to that which arises from the scope of these Terms and Conditions.