Distance Calculation between Addresses or Postcodes

Do you want to calculate the distance between multiple adresses or postcodes? We have developed a Excel Distance Calculator for companies and organisations to do so. The demand for this application is increasing. Every year, distances change due to new facilities like new roads, bridges or for other reasons. These changes have a impact on the commuting behaviour of millions of employees. Therefore this application is a useful tool for a company’s HR department.

How does the Excel Distance Calculator work?

The Excel Distance Calculator is a Windows application and it works with Excel and with a Google Maps API. It is based on driving the fastest route by car and offers multiple modes of transport. Thousands of addresses or postcodes calculations can be included in one go. After you enter your addresses or postcodes into Excel the tool connects automatically with the Google Maps server. Google Maps calculates the mutual kilometre/mileage, and returns the distances and traveltimes back into the tool. As a result, you get a 100% match with the Google Maps online route planner.