Distance Calculation Service | We calculate your driving distances en driving times

Are you looking for a turnkey solution for your commuting distance calculations?  We are glad to help you out. Our Calculation Service can calculate the travel distances and travel times between thousands of addresses or (zip)postcodes. We do this with Google Maps API which give you a 100% match with the Google Maps route planner.
Our Calculation Service is widely used for the distance calculation of your employees’ commuting distances. Do you have any questions beforehand? Send us an email. We will be happy to help.

Distance Calculation Service | Specifications

  • We calculate your driving distances en driving times. Works anywhere in UK and Europe!
  • Service for commuting distance and travel times calculations. For companies and organisations.
  • We calculate your distances with Google Maps API, fastest route, FreeFlow.
  • Choice of driving, cycling, walking or public transport.
  • We care about your personal data and privacy. Please see out Privacy Statement.
  • More information about our products and Pricing table.

How do you calculate our distances and travel times between multiple addresses?

Q: How do you calculate our distances and travel times between multiple addresses?
A: We use the Excel Distance Calculator and the Google Maps API to calculate distances and travel times between multiple addresses or postal codes!

The built-in VBA code of our Excel Distance Calculator processes the input of the location data and sends this data on to Google Maps. Here the location data is processed by the Directions API of Google Maps.
The entered addresses and postcodes are first converted to Latitude and Longitude coordinates. This conversion is also called geocoding. The LatLon coordinates are then processed by the route planner of Google Maps. This takes into account the mobility variables specified, such as car, bicycle and walking. The results of the distances and travel times are fed back to the Excel Distance Calculator and correspond 100% to the online Google Maps route planner.

How we calculate your distances and driving times with Google Maps API 

Who are the users?

Companies and organizations who want to (re)calculate the distance between large numbers of addresses or postal codes can benefit from this Excel application. Every year distances and travel times of commuters change due to changes in company locations, relocation of employees or due to the construction of new (high)ways and bridges.
These changes have a direct impact on, among other things, the calculations of your employees’ mileage allowances. Excel Distance CalculatorPersonnel and salary administrations in particular find this calculator a useful tool that takes a lot of work off their hands. But also companies that want to measure the distances to postal codes around their compagnie location are clients of this mobility tool.

We offer this application in Germany as the Entfernungsrechner and in the Netherlands as the AfstandsCalculator.

Use and customise the VBA code of the Excel Distance Calculator

You can use the VBA code as a source and customise the tool for your own purposes. After purchase and payment of the application we will deliver you the Excel file without password protection. The only restriction is that you do not offer the tool for sale again via the internet (NFR).

  • If you are interested or have any questions regarding purchasing the VBA code of this application, please contact sales.

Network of mobility and transport

Timedistancecalculation.com is part of a network of mobility and transport websites and is part of the Dutch website Waalstad.nl. Goal of the websites is to inform travellers about distances and travel times in commuting. In addition, the tools on the website provide distance calculations between places and/or locations.

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