Distance calculation running, cycling or walking routes

With the application: Distance calculation running, cycling or walking routes, you can easily calculate the exact kilometre distance of your favourite running round, cycling route or walking tour. The measuring tool works as follows:

  • Zoom out and navigate to your favorite area
  • Activate the measurement tool with the measurement button in the top right corner of the map. The measurement button opens.
  • Click on the map and place the first marker of your starting point.
  • Click on the map again and place a second marker at the location of a waypoint
  • Click again on the map and place a third marker at the location of a waypoint ect.
  • Double click to place a final marker
  • Delete your route with the cross in the measurement button

TomTom will quickly and directly calculate the given route in kilometres via an API. You can make a printout of this distance data if you wish.

Why people like running?

Why does a runner after a good workout feel like he can beat the world? Believe it or not, but many scientists struggle with this question and the answer is between the ears. For a long time, it was thought that the substance used to relieve pain, a hormone called endorphins, was responsible for making runners feel good because levels rise during and after a run. However, research has shown that endorphins never reach the brain from the bloodstream. Its effect on the voice seems to be excluded. Although the endorphin system stimulates the dopamine system.

Dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline are currently the focus of scientists’ attention. These European transmitters are messengers between the body and the mind and are located in the brain cells. They are responsible for your mood and emotions. It is believed that the release of these messengers is now underway. “But…”

However, scientists from different corners claim that the best, sometimes euphoric feeling is between the ears! They suggest that, for example, a heavy workout takes your mind off the things of daily life. You have the feeling that you have achieved something and that gives you a good feeling. These scientists identify psychological causes, not physiological ones. So experienced runners first ran outdoors and then ran indoors on a treadmill. It turned out that their mood was only significantly better after running outdoors….
Running? It’s all in your head!