Draw a circle with a specified radius around a point

With the tool Draw a circle with a specified radius around a point you can quick and easy draw a circle on Google Maps. The circle is transparent, so you get an instant overview of all towns and villages in the circle. The input data is sent to Google Maps and there the position and circumference of the circle is calculated. The distance is measured as the crow flies.

Instructions for use:

  • Enter your address in the input fields, the desired radius of the circle and decide for kilometres or miles
  • Then select for new circle and you will see a circle with the radius around the selected city
  • Within the map you can zoom in and out as you wish and move the white marker to your desired location with the mouse

Draw a circle with a specified radius around a point

Draw a circle on a map

The radius of a cylindrical shape is also called the radius. The radius is the measured distance from any point on the edge of a circle (or sphere or cylinder) to the centre.

Since a diameter is the distance between two extreme points of a circle, the radius is half the diameter. To calculate the circumference of a sphere or circle, you need the radius. There are two ways to calculate the circumference: The circumference of a circle is pi x the diameter. The circumference of a circle is 2 x radius x pi.

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