Drive Time Calculator

Many people use the drive time calculator to know the travel time and distances to their destination. Many of them travel long distances every day as commuters by car, train or local public transport. The Drive Time Calculator helps you to calculate your driving time and costs.


The term “commuter” is a very flexible term. In fact, according to the definition, anyone who has to cross the borders of their community of residence to reach their place of work is already considered to be a commuter. As a rule, however, only employed persons who cover a one-way journey to work of 25 kilometres or more or a 40-minute journey are recognised as commuters.

Almost 60 % of all employees travel long distances of up to several hundred kilometres to their workplace and back home every day. In the long run, the commuting trend is likely to become even more prevalent. However, studies have shown that commuters with commutes of 30 minutes or more are at higher health risk. They are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders, high blood pressure, back pain, headaches, psychological stress and weight problems. How long is a reasonable commute? Should one accept a job at all if it requires more than 40 minutes of travel time? What can be done to prevent commuting from making us sick?