Pricing and licensing Excel Distance Calculator

The cost of the Excel Distance Calculator is one-off and the application is offered for 1 licence. Check the following price table for pricing.
You can make your choice during the orderproces in our webshop.

Excel Distance Calculator

195one-off costs
  • 1 single license
  • one-off costs
  • Use your own Personal Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps offers a free $200 credit or 40.000 calculations a month

Excel Distance Calculator (VBA)

795one-off costs
  • Full application including VBA code
  • one-off costs
  • For internal business use and customization
  • Contact Sales for pricing and discounts
  • After purchasing this application charges no further future costs
  • The monthly use of the Google Maps Directions API is limited to a maximum of $200 or 40,000 distance calculations. Additional usage will be charged by Google Maps
  • Contact sales if you are interested in the this application and it’s VBA code
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