How far is it?

How far is it? is a very common question. But the answer is quite difficult, because calculating distances can be anything. Like the distance from home to your worklocation, from one place to another, from the earth to the moon or sun. If it is just a small distance you will walk, if you go far you will go by plane.
With the following widgets you can easily calculate distances between places and locations.

How far is the Moon from the Earth? How long takes light to travel the distance to the Moon?

The average distance from the Moon to the Earth is about 384,401 km. The time it takes light to travel this distance is 1.28 seconds.
The time that light needs to travel the distance of a celestial body to the Earth is called the light time. We can easily calculate the light time lt from the distance a and the speed of light c = 299.792 km/s: lt = a/c = 384,401/299,792 = 1.28 seconds.

The Moon’s orbit is eccentric, i.e. not circular. As a result, the distance between the Earth and the Moon varies, and so the time of light varies too. You can calculate the distance to the Moon at any moment yourself.

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