How much does a taxi cost in the UK?

How much does a taxi cost in the UK?
The average basic fee of a taxi is £ 3.00, the kilometerprice is £ 2.30. The waiting time is £ 30.00 per hour.

How much does a taxi costs a frequently asked question. You want to go from A to B by taxi but would like to know how much it will cost? First calculate your taxi costs with the TaxiCalculator.

Taxi Calculator

Use the Taxi Calculator below and enter the distance and travel time. If you do not know the distance, you can request it with our Distance Calculator. This tool can be used to calculate distances. The taxi price is calculated based on the taxi fees as legally applicable. The standard price applies to normal taxis, but you can also opt for transport in a taxi van. Different rates apply.

How much does a taxi cost? Tariff structure taxi prices UK

As of 01-01-2022, the average taxi rates in the UK is built up from the following elements. Taxi prices in London and other major cities are higher.



 Basic fee £ 3,00
 Mileage rate £ 2,30
 Time rate per minute £ 0,60

Taxi transport in the UK

In the UK, a taxi fare system is mandatory. Every year, the fare is recalculated on the basis of 3 components:

a starting rate
a price per kilometre driven
a price for the duration of the trip

After the taxi ride, your taxi driver will give you a receipt. On this receipt you can see how the taxi fare was calculated, who transported you and where you can go with your complaints.

How much does a taxi cost | Difference old and new taxi rates

Hoeveel kost een taxiThe old taxi fare consisted of 2 parts: the starting fare and the price per kilometre. The time factor was added in order to divide the costs of a delayed taxi ride more fairly between taxi driver and customer. A taxi ride that takes longer than average (during rush hour for example) now costs a little more. A taxi ride that is faster than average is now slightly cheaper.

Maximum rates for taxis 2022 | Example of taxi costs

Suppose you take a taxi and the ride is 7 kilometres and takes 15 minutes.
Your taxi costs are then:

Basic fee £ 3.00 +
Kilometer price 7 x £ 2.30 = £ 16.10 +
Time charge 15 x £ 0.60 = £ 9.00

The total cost of this taxi ride will be: £ 28,10

Taxi waiting fare

The taxi driver is allowed to charge you if he has discussed this with you beforehand. For example, waiting at cafes or for a meeting that has run late.

How much does a taxi cost?

The fare card must be clearly legible both inside and outside the taxi.

Driving on the taximeter

The use of the taxameter is compulsory. You have two possibilities.
1. You can use the taximeter, pay the starting rate plus the kilometres driven.
2. You agree on a fixed fare.

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