Dataset Postcodes Germany


The dataset Postcodes in Germany contains all 16,478 postcodes (4PP and 5PP) in Germany. It also includes the corresponding city names, municipalities and states. The data was updated as of January 1st, 2022.

The dataset Postcodes in Germany is an XLSX file. This file can be imported directly into a database or opened in Excel.

Description offers several data sets of Western European countries. The data set Postcodes in Germany is updated annually and is optimized for use in SQL databases. If desired, the data set can first be pre-processed in Excel.

We offer our data lists as CSV or XLS files. These file formats can be imported directly into an SQL database. These data lists can also be viewed and pre-processed in Excel. Some records have more than 1 million records. These are then too large for use in Excel. Software like CSVEasy may be required to process such large files.

Postcodes in Germany have consisted of five digits since July 1, 1993. In 1941, two-digit postcodes were introduced in Germany. Two independent four-digit postal code systems were introduced in West Germany in 1962 and in East Germany in 1965. After German reunification and the fall of the Berlin Wall, a completely new 5-digit system was introduced for the whole of Germany in 1993.
German postcodes are often preceded by a D. The letter D stands for the country designation Germany. Therefore, it is generally no longer necessary to write Germany under the address for international mail.


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