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The UK Postcodes dataset contains 1.7 million UK postcodes. These include the sub-regions of England, Scotland and Wales. Also included are the corresponding place/city names, country, counties, and LatLon coordinates. The data was updated as of January 1st, 2022.

The UK Postcodes data set is a CSV file. This file can be imported directly into a database or opened in Excel. The size of the file is 128 MB.
After payment of this product you will receive the downloadlink to the dataset.
TIP: Open and edit this dataset (over 1.7 million rows/records) with the software.

Description offers various datasets of Western European countries. The Great Britain Postcodes data set is updated annually and is optimized for use in SQL databases. If desired, the data set can first be pre-processed in Excel.

We offer our data lists as CSV or XLS files. These file formats can be imported directly into an SQL database. These data lists can also be viewed and pre-processed in Excel. Some records have more than 1 million records. These are then too large for use in Excel. Software like CSVEasy may be required to process such large files.

In 1959, postcodes were introduced in the United Kingdom. The structure of a UK postcode consists of two alphanumeric codes, each consisting of three (or four) characters. One or two letters indicate the city or region, followed by one or two digits for the city/area or neighborhoods within that city/region. A space is followed by a number and two letters denoting the streets and sides of the street.


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