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  • Excel Distance Calculator. Calculate distances and travel times between (thousands) postcodes or addresses.
  • English language tool. Windows application. Works anywhere in the world!
  • Distance and traveltime calculation at the touch of a button.
  • Choice of driving, cycling or walking. In miles/km.
  • RealTime distance calculations.
  • Use your own personal Google Maps API key or create one.
  • Up to 40.000 free calculations per month
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No matter where you live. The Excel Distance Calculator (Windows application) works anywhere in the world. Place your zipcodes or addresses in the Excel sheet, press the button and Google Maps takes care of the rest.
You can choose between different options such as driving, cycling or walking. You can also choose for KM or Miles.
Watch our product video and see how it works!

How does the Excel Distance Calculator calculate distances and travel times between two locations?

Distance CalculatorThe Excel Distance Calculator (Windows application) uses Google Maps to calculate the correct distances and travel times between different locations. The built-in VBA code of this Excel application processes the input of the location data and sends this data on to Google Maps. Here the location data is processed by the Directions API of Google Maps. See here how to create your own API.
The entered addresses and postcodes are first converted to Latitude and Longitude coordinates. This conversion is also called geocoding. The LatLon coordinates are then processed by the route planner of Google Maps. This takes into account the mobility variables specified, such as car, bicycle and walking. The results of the distances and travel times are fed back to the Excel Distance Calculator and correspond 100% to the online Google Maps route planner.

Network of mobility and transport

Timedistancecalculation.com is part of a network of mobility and transport websites and is part of the Dutch website Waalstad.nl. Goal of the websites is to inform travellers about distances and travel times in commuting. In addition, the tools on the website provide distance calculations between places and/or locations.
We offer this application in Germany as the Entfernungsrechner and in the Netherlands as the AfstandsCalculator.

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