Traffic information UK real time

Compared to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, England has the most developed and well-maintained motorway network. From the London ring road, several toll-free motorways (M) fan out to all corners of the country. In Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland there are few motorways. Note: Please note that motorways (A-roads) are often used for tractors and cyclists.

The country also has a dense network of dual carriageways and dual carriageways of more than regional importance. The road network is thinnest in the Highlands of Scotland, the Islands and in the mountainous country of Wales. In the countryside there are many narrow back roads where the view is obstructed by stone walls or high hedges. On these roads there are often passing places every few kilometres.

What is the busiest motorway in the UK?

  • M1 London – Leeds. Bottlenecks at junction 6a (M25 junction), junction 13 (Milton Keynes), junction 25 Nottingham and Derby, junction 31 near Sheffield (M18 junction) and near Leeds.
  • M3 London – Southampton. Bottleneck between exit 9 (Winchester) and junction M27.
  • M4 London – Cardiff. Bottlenecks between Exit 1 (Chiswick) and Exit 13 (Newbury), Exit 19 (Bath) and Junction M5.
  • M5 Birmingham – Exeter: Bottlenecks at Birmingham North (M6 Junction), at Bristol and between Exit 20 Clevedon and Exeter.
  • M6 Coventry – Birmingham – Preston Bottleneck at Birmingham and Liverpool.
  • M8 Glasgow – Edinburgh. Bottleneck at Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • M25 London ring road. Bottlenecks between junction 5 (A21 junction) and junction 7 (M23 junction), between junction 10 (A3 junction) and junction 21a (at St Albans/ A1/M1 junction) and at Dartford Crossing.
  • M27 Portsmouth – Southampton. Bottleneck at Southampton.
  • M60 Manchester Orbital. Bottleneck between exit 12 junction M62 Eccles and exit 18 junction M62/M66.
  • M62 Liverpool – Hull. Bottlenecks at Liverpool (junctions 10-12) and Bradford (junctions 25-29).