Waze route planner

One of the things that makes Waze different is that the app does not focus on all forms of traffic. If you want to cycle or walk, then this app is no use at all. This is intentional: Waze doesn’t want to be a good app for all traffic, Waze route planner wants to be the very best app for drivers. That’s why it focuses on one segment. This immediately makes the app easier to use than many other navigation apps, simply because you don’t have to set up how you travel. You travel on four wheels, full stop … well, there is a mode for motorbikes by the way, but that’s beside the point. There is also a navigation for taxis.

WAZE route planner

Waze is a popular route planner in the US and UK

Waze is also a social app, which means that the app (Android / iOS) not only collects information from all Waze users to provide up-to-date information about traffic congestion, for example, but users can also easily pass on information themselves, for example about accidents on the road and traffic jams.
Users also do this actively, so that there is real-time information about the state of the road and you can, for example, take a different route in time. This benefits the flow of traffic. In addition, it allows users to indicate the location of speed cameras and mobile controls, which is obviously a popular feature among users.

More popular route planners

Sometimes it is personal preference which route planner you choose. There is no real all-round route planner, they all have their own characteristics. One route planner may be simpler and another may offer more data. Yet another route planner focuses on directions or map display. WAZE is not one of the oldest but has a good reputation. In addition, Google Maps, APPLE route planner, BING maps route planner, TomTom and AA Route planner also offer good and professional road maps.

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